14 May 2010

I hate lawnmowers...

Warning: this is a rant...or at least starts out that way.  I don't normally swear - if I do, it's usually (though not always ;-) "crap on a stick".  Sometimes, however, moments call for stronger language... 

I live in a townhouse complex surround by apartment buildings.  Every couple of weeks during the spring, summer and fall months (about April until October), the landscaping/yard maintenance company descends upon the entire block.  For the most part, I'm able to ignore them.  Today, however, I woke up annoyed.

They start early - 7 a.m.  I don't appreciate waking up to the sound (and smell - ick!) of a gas-powered lawnmower (it's bad enough we live right next door to a large hardward/lumber store - they start at 5 a.m.!), especially when I'm in the final days of my (mini) vacation.  And why do they have to cut the grass within an inch of its life?  It's just started to grow as it is!

I hate drivers.

As a pedestrian, it's a dangerous world out there!  At one particular intersection near home, divers don't pay attention to lines in the road (I'm constantly skirting cars) nor do they look when they're turning (within the last year, I've come close to being hit 3 times!).  And why do malls, plaza's, etc. not make they're areas more pedestrian-friendly?  Oh, I know, because most people drive and the money is all that matters!

On my way to the store this morning, I saw an ad in a bus shelter for an ESL (english-as-a-second-language) teaching company.  What ticked me off (or at least added to the inner rant I was having at the time) was the portrayal.  Four women, each with either a different skin tone or facial feature, were seated around a table.  Two books were open in front of them - the first thing that popped into my head was that it looked like the bible!  It had that thick-looking leatherish cover with paper-thin pages.  The four were smiling and happy looking, but all were wearing "western" clothing with not a hair out of place.  How's that for an assimilation-advert: Come to Canada where you can learn English, read the bible and become middle class!!

It was turning into one of those days where all you want to do is flip everyone off and make everyone as miserable as you are.

And then I saw something that shook me out of my rut and made my inner voice said, "Fuck my bitchy mood".

It was a sparrow. 

She was in the middle of a busy parking lot, not a green space close by.  As a car drove inches by her, she gathered some litter in her beak and flew up to the nest she was making on the top of a pizza store sign.

Itsn't it amazing how we - humans, animals, plants - can survive

I have nothing to complain about.  Nothing.  At.  All. 

I'm not homeless.  I'm not dying.  I'm not friendless and alone.  I'm not in the middle of a war zone.  I didn't have a bad childhood.  I don't have an abusive husband.  I don't have cancer.  I'm not starving.  I'm not in pain. 

I have nothing to complain about. 

I have a very good life.  We're not rich (far from it - paycheck to paycheck is more like it), but all the basic needs - as well as many unnecessary wants - are fulfilled.  I have a loving (if sometimes tempetous) relationship with my mum, and I've been blessed with the presence of many furry companions. 

Usually I'm the one telling mum (she's easily stressed about a lot of things and sometimes gets depressed) that life could be worse. 

I suppose that everyone needs a reminder.

)O( Blessed Be, Jenn

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  1. We have a neighbor equally annoying who likes o run a power and chain saw at inappropriate times....grrrrrrrrrr

    Like the Black cat; we have one too but long haired and now turning white...LOL