12 May 2010

BOS (or other book) Blessings

(source: Celtic Jems) 

Beautiful Goddess of many faces…
Bless this book that it may enhance
All who choose to read its pages.
Bless this book as my relationship
With You may continue to grow.
I pray to You that You will grace me
With Your love and Your Blessing.

Source: unknown
(If this is yours, please let me know!)

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ )O( ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

In the realm of magick this book shall reside.
No one but the chosen shall see what's inside.
If breath be to air as passion to fire,
Let harm come to none, this is my desire.
If life be to earth as water to emotions,
This book be filled with magickal potions.
May the Gods protect it, keep it from harm,
And upon it bestow power, magick and charm.
No one without wisdom shall peer at it's pages,
The knowledge inside shall be handed down through the ages.
This book be it mine, it harbours no fears,
The knowledge obtained through blood, sweat& tears,
My magick's my passion, the spirits my guide.
The book may she bless it with spiritual light.
And let only her children read of its rite.
For those of the Wicca truly can see,
That this is my will,
So mote it be!

Source: Wiccan Cottage

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ )O( ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Elements protect this book
From wondering eyes and prying look,
And fill it with Thine ancient power
In this right and ready hour.

Source: Book of Shadows: a Family Grimoire

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~)O( ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

By gods of old and those yet born,
and the howling wind that proceeds the storm.
By the water that cleanse the soul,
and fire that burns ages untold.
And by the gentle earth from which we come,
this blessing shall not be undone.

This Book of Shadows I do bless,
as the elements will attest.
That this blessing protects this book,
from curious eyes that pry and look.
And from things that cause it harm,
this book I fill with knowledge and charms.
By my will this I do wish,
as I seal it with a kiss.
By my will, so mote it be!

Source: Neo of The Wiccan Way

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ )O( ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

As I walk the corridors of the past
May the old ones guide and protect me.
Along side the guardians of the pyramids
Protect this book from unwanted eyes
Only I shall know the secrets it keeps
While the lord and lady watches over
It as I sleep
Blessed now by the earth below and the moon above
As I will, so it shall be, with
Harm to none! Blessed it be!

Source: Phoenixfirecat's Book of Shadows

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ )O( ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Beautiful Goddess of many faces,
Bless this book that it may enhance
All who choose to read it’s pages.
Bless this book as my relationship
with you may continue to grow.
I pray to you that you will grace me,
with your love and your blessing.
So Mote It Be!

Source: Witches 'n Wizards

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ )O( ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Hearken as the Witch's word
Calls the Lady and the Lord
Moon above and earth below
Sky's cool blue and sun's hot glow,
In this right and ready hour,
Fill these pages with thy wisdom.
May those in need eye to see
The secrets which entrusted be.
To those who walk the hidden road
To find the hearthstone's calm abode.
Guardians from the four directions,
Hear us and lend Thy protection:
May these truths of Earth and Skies
Shielded be from darker times.
But to the witches whose map this be
May the way be plain to see;
And through all the coming ages,
May we find home in these pages.

Source: The Path and Life of Witchyredrose

Blessed Be, Jenn


  1. By gods and goddesses alike
    keep this book safe under your light.
    May the element of air cleanse it with the wind
    and keep the pages safe within.
    May the passion of fire fill the pages,
    and keep it from the ages.
    May the element of water flow through this book,
    keep it safe from someone else's look.
    May the element of earth keep it strong,
    and keep the meaning forever long.
    No one without permission shall peer at these pages,
    Or the knowledge handed down through the ages.
    This blessing shall never be undone,
    as long as its under the moon or sun.
    So mote it be.

    -This is the book blessing I have written, anyone is welcome to use it.

  2. Beautiful and very helpful for me in setting up my BOS