27 May 2010

Bast's Blessing Spell...

I found this while browsing the internet awhile back and loved it. All my life, we've had a cat - I can't imagine a household without one! Blessed be, Jenn

----- )O( -----

Materials: envelope, cat’s hair clippings, your own hair clippings and a picture of your cat.

Set up your altar facing the sun, decorated with your cat’s favorite things. Place the picture with hair on top in the middle.

Beloved cat, beloved friend,
May our friendship never end.
From whiskers’ edge to tip of tail,
May Bast protect without fail.
Nine times nine, your life and mine,
In Bast’s blessing, intertwined.

Seal the envelope after placing the hairs and picture inside. Place it somewhere where you keep your cat’s things.

Source: "Bast's Blessing Spell for Cats" post dated May 23, 2008 from Garnet's Book of Shadows blog

Original Source: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac (2008 version?)

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  1. Great! Can it be also used for other animals, for example dogs?